Inside the World of Hayao Miyazaki 2019

29, Mar 2020

Inside the World of Hayao Miyazaki 2019

​Are you ready? Tickets to our concert "Inside the World of Hayao Miyazaki 2019" 《走進宮崎駿的世界 2019》are available on Urbtix, get your best seats now!

This concert we will have over 200 musicians on stage including a full-size symphony orchestra and symphony chorus performing under the batons of our Artistic and Music director Philip Chu, alongside our two new assistant conductors Chun-ho Chan and Toby Wong.

From our past experience, tickets will go fast so don’t wait!

Date: 2nd Oct 2019 (Wed)
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: HK Cultural Centre - Concert Hall
Price: $480 / $380 / $280
* Enjoy 30% early-bird discount only until 1st Sep!
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宮崎駿是日本動畫界的傳奇大師。 作為一位偉大的說故事者,他的作品非常注重人性與科技之間的關係,並多次帶出反戰的主題。 他的電影經常以堅強的女角色為特點,被公認為最偉大的動畫電影製片人之一。 他的電影蜚聲國際,作品包括《龍貓》、《天空之城》、《幽靈公主》等,當然還有奧斯卡金像獎最佳動畫長片獎得主《千與千尋》。 以上所有音樂均可在我們的音樂會上聽得到,喜歡宮崎駿電影的您又豈能錯過?